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13th of April 2015
There are free friendly Coworking spaces in Riga quiet center, where your daring ideas comes to reality. More info:
13th of March 2015
Future banking design concept for Apple Watch by Arcana UX Design Agency
2nd of March 2015
User interface (UI) inspiring concept of Future Digital Banking provided by our UX design team -
7th of November 2014
How to find an million-worth idea? For the first time Arcana Startup Launcher shares its method of startup idea development on FHM magazine pages. (LAT version)
31st of October 2014
Latvian IT startups and investments market review Q3, 2014 (LAT version), (RUS version), (ENG version)
17th of October 2014
„Startup factory” – Arcana Digital Group will participate in RIGA COMM 2014 (LAT version), (RUS version), (ENG version)
29th of August 2014
Latvian IT and Startup market review Q2, 2014 (LAT version), (RUS version), (ENG version)
19th of August 2014
First homepage adopted for Google Glass is now available in Latvia (LAT version), (RUS version)
30th of July 2014
Roamer - latvian IT startup that raised 1.3 millions (LAT version), (RUS version)
9th of June 2014
The small business global problem solution is in hands of Latvian developers (RUS version)
8th of May 2014
Infographic: Bank in the pocket (LAT version), (RUS version), (ENG version)
1st of May 2014
Latvian IT and Startup market review Q1, 2014 (LAT version), (RUS version)
23rd of April 2014
7 ideas from FamilySky on how to save your Family Story (RUS version)
22nd of April 2014
Launched unique online service for families – FAMILYSKY (RUS version)
15th of April 2014
75% of Latvian Banks have no possibility to make payments via mobile application (LAT version), (RUS version)
7th of April 2014
Research: 270 thousand people in Latvia are using mobile banking services (LAT version), (RUS version)
14th of March 2014
Flirtr – the new app designed to charm women opens beta signup (ENG version)
31st of December 2013
Latvian IT and Startup market review December 2014 (LAT version), (RUS version)
1st of December 2013
5 mistakes why websites does not deliver business results (LAT version), (RUS version)


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